Scandalous Mystery

A reader wrote to me recently that she was looking for information about a particular Scandalous Woman.

"Here is what little I know of her: She was married and widowed, seduced her next husband by literally serving herself up for dessert. She was carried into the dining room while laying nude on a silver platter, covered only in fruit."

Wow, I would love to know who this woman is. If anyone has any ideas, leave a comment or email me. I would love to share her story with readers.


Sarah Johnson said…
The "serving herself up nude on a silver platter" part makes it sound like Cora Pearl, though she was a courtesan who never married. Maybe there's someone else who fits the description better.
Sarah, that's exactly who I thought of when I read the email. Cora is definitely on my list of women to write about in the next few weeks. I find her story fascinating.
Sarah Johnson said…
I'll look forward to reading that piece!
Holly said…
I have no idea...but what a life! Sounds like something right out of Desperate Housewives.

Heather Carroll said…
That sounds so familiar, I wish you were quizzing us. No idea on the time period?
She didn't say. I wrote back to her but she hasn't replied. Mercury in Retrograde.
Bill Peschel said…
Lady Caroline Lamb was supposed to have been served to her husband in a soup tureen for his birthday. I had been searching for the origin of that story, but hadn't found it.

Perhaps it's a secret, more common act that we've thought, hm? The mind reels....
Anonymous said…
I have no idea, but for some reason one of Napoleon's sisters comes to mind. Can't wait to find out the answer.
Sharon, Pauline Borghese did many things like bathing in a tub full of milk (I actually blogged about her back in May), but I don't think she ever served herself up for dinner.

Bill, I had never heard that story about Lady Caroline Lamb when I researched her for an earlier blog post that I wrote on her. Interesting, although I could see her doing that more to Byron than William Lamb.
Nina said…
It reminds me of Cleopatra but mayby that's because of the desert part. But she wasn't served on the platter.
Thanks Nina. I know that Cleopatra supposedly rolled herself up in a rug and had herself delivered to Caesar but that's completely different. I love that bit of her story though.

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