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Halloween Giveaway - A Haunted History of Invisible Women

  In the past, I've normally done a giveaway for my birthday or to celebrate the anniversary of Scandalous Women, but this year I decided to do something different. I'm giving away a copy of A Haunted History of Invisible Women by my friend and fellow author Leanna Renee Hieber and her co-author Andrea Janes . This is a fantastic book not just for ghost lovers but also women's history lovers.  "Deliciously eerie.” —Leslie Rule, Bestselling Author From the notorious Lizzie Borden to the innumerable, haunted rooms of Sarah Winchester's mysterious mansion this offbeat, insightful, first-ever book of its kind from the brilliant guides behind “Boroughs of the Dead,” featured on,  The New York Times , and Jezebel, explores the history behind America’s female ghosts, the stereotypes, myths, and paranormal tales that swirl around them, what their stories reveal about us—and why they haunt us . . . Sorrowful widows, vengeful jezebels, innocent maidens, wronged love