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Scandalous Book Review: Angelina by Andrew Morton

Dear Mr. Morton, I first became aware of you when I purchased your first book on the late Princess of Wales, DIANA'S DIARY. And of course, I read your international bestsellers, DIANA, HER STORY and the unexpurgated version published after her death. Sadly, I have not found your subsequent unauthorized biographies as compelling. Not even your book on Monica Lewinsky which was written with her cooperation. Somehow you managed to make Bill Clinton and that whole sordid business boring. Now you have written an unauthorized biography about Angelina Jolie entitled appropriately enough ANGELINA.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have disagree with the LA TIMES that this book keeps you up at night, with your blood racing. Frankly, I accidently left this book (I'd taken it out of the library) at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble, and I probably would have left it there if I weren't going to be liable for paying for it as a lost book. Perhaps it's the fact that with your

Scandalous Book Review: The Girls of Murder City

Chicago in the nineteen twenties conjures up names like Al Capone, Eliott Ness, Leopold and Loeb, Dion O'Banion but what about the women? Chicago was nicknamed "Murder City," but some of its most prominent citizens were those sitting on "murderesses row" in the Cook County jail. And its two most famous residents were Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan. Anyone who has seen the 2002 movie musical Chicago will known these women as Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. Both were imprisoned in the Cook County jail for killing their men (though in both cases it turned out that it wasn't their only men). Belva Gaertner was a three-time divorcee, who had once been a show-girl named Belle Brown. Recently divorced from millionaireWilliam Gaertner, she killed her boyfriend Walter Law and left his body sprawled in the front seat in of her car, a bottle of gin and a gun with three shots fired lying beside him while she made her way home.She was later found at her apartment, with blo

Winner of the DRACULA MY LOVE Giveaway is.........

Drumroll please! RACHEL I will be emailing you to get your address to send you the book.  I want to thank everyone for entering and don't forget the Twitter chat this afternoon at 1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm EST, TLC Book Tours have a Vampire Lit Twitter chat (#TLCbookchat) with Syrie joining in the chat. They'll be giving away copies of Dracula, My Love before, during, and after the chat.. please join them.

Winner of The Red Queen Giveaway

The Winner of The Red Queen Giveaway is :   AMBER! I will be emailing you to get your address.  Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget the DRACULA MY LOVE giveaway is still going on. Enter by Thursday, August 12th.


Thanks to TLC Book Tours, I'm pleased to be giving away a copy of Syrie Jame's new novel Dracula, My Love (US/Canada only). On August 13th at 1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm EST, TLC Book Tours have a Vampire Lit Twitter chat (#TLCbookchat) with Syrie joining in the chat. They'll be giving away copies of Dracula, My Love before, during, and after the chat.. please join them. Mina Harker is torn between two men. Struggling to hang on to the deep, pure love she's found within her marriage to her husband, Jonathan, she is inexorably drawn into a secret, passionate affair with a charismatic but dangerous lover. This haunted and haunting creature has awakened feelings and desires within her that she has never before known, which remake her as a woman. Although everyone she knows fears him and is pledged to destroy him, Mina sees a side to him that the others cannot: a tender, romantic side; a man who's taken full advantage of his gift of immortality to expand his mind and tale

August Giveaway: The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

To celebrate the release date of Philippa Gregory's wonderful new novel about Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII's mum, the lovely people at Simon and Schuster have given me a copy of the book to giveaway! Here's a sneak peek: Heiress to the red rose of Lancaster, Margaret Beaufort never surrenders her belief that her house is the true ruler of England and that she has a great destiny before her. Her ambitions are disappointed when her sainted cousin Henry VI fails to recognize her as a kindred spirit, and she is even more dismayed when he sinks into madness. Her mother mocks her plans, revealing that Margaret will always be burdened with the reputation of her father, one of the most famously incompetent English commanders in France. But worst of all for Margaret is when she discovers that her mother is sending her to a loveless marriage in remote Wales. Married to a man twice her age, quickly widowed, and a mother at only fourteen, Margaret is determined to turn her lone

The French Sultana: The Legend of Aimee Dubucq de Rivery

On a dark, sultry night, the scent of the lush bougainvillea and frangipani filling the air, two young girls barely in their teens, cousins, one slight and skinny, the other with hair the color of moonlight slip away from the plantation house where they live. The velvet caresses of the night breezes stir their hair as they creep into the surrounding jungle, giggling at how they have eluded their guardians. They make their way past the swaying vines, entering into an eerie and mysterious world, no light but the fireflies to guide them as they pick their way to the tumble down shack of the conjurer woman who will hopefully tell their fortunes. Both girls know that they will get into trouble if their families know where they have gone, but the urge to know their future is too great. In the shack they find an elderly black woman of indeterminate years wearing a red turban and crouching on a filthy mat. Frightened and nervous, the two girls hold hands tightly as they tell the woman what t