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Review: Queen Elizabeth's Daughter by Anne Clinard Barnhill

Publisher: St. Martin's Press Publication date: 3/18/2014 Edition description: (2 volume set) Pages: 384 What it’s about:   A royal ward, Mary is like a daughter to the Virgin Queen, and, like any mother, Elizabeth wants to make a fine match for her girl.   The Earl of Oxford seems to be exactly what the queen has in mind, but Mary knows him to be villainous and cruel.   Instead, she finds the charms of a lowly courtier, Sir John Skydemore, more to her liking.   But he’s poor and he’s a Catholic at a time when the Old Religion is banned.   Indeed, because of traitorous plots against Elizabeth sanctioned by the Pope himself, being a Catholic has become dangerous.   Will Mary risk the queen’s wrath and marry her love?   If so, what will become of them? My thoughts: When I was offered the opportunity to review the book at Scandalous Women, I was a little wary. I’ve gone on record about the overload of historical fiction set during the Tudor era. And the title gave me pau