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Reign Recap: Episode 2

  I want to apologize for my neglect of the blog lately. I've been in the midst of a job search, as well as taking a writing class and working on a new proposal for my agent.  Then Mercury in retrograde happened and most of my electronics stopped working including my cable which is why my recap of the CW's REIGN is so late.  I had to watch the episode on my computer since Time Warner Cable doesn't have the CW on demand and my cable is also out until tomorrow when the technician can finally come to fix and hopefully give me a new cable box.  So without further ado here is the recap and my thoughts about this week's episode of REIGN.  Just an FYI, there will be spoilers in this recap, so please don't read further until you have watched the episode. When last we left Mary, Queen of Scots things, weren't looking so good. Someone attempted to poison her at the convent where she was living, then when she arrived at the French court she discovered that her fiancĂ©

Announcing the winners of the Marie Antoinette Giveaway

I want to thank every one who stopped by the chat last with Juliet Grey.   And now to announce the winners of the Giveaway.   The winner of the Betsey Johnson Fleur de lis ring is       Lauren from Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century and     The winner of the complete Marie Antoinette Trilogy is   Leanna Renee Hieber Congratulations to both winners! Please email me at scandalouswoman at gmail dot com.

Announcing Live Chat Night with Juliet Grey

Announcing Live Chat Night with Juliet Grey, author of Confessions of Marie Antoinette!!!! Welcome everyone!!! Passages to the Past is so thrilled to have Juliet Grey , author of  Confessions of Marie Antoinette , here for Live Chat Night!  She has graciously taken time out of her busy schedule to stop by and answer a few questions for us...thanks Juliet!         Here's how Chat Night will work: All corresponding (questions and answers) will take place in the comments section of the this post.  I will start off the Chat Night with a welcome message and a question or two to get the ball rolling and then the floor is open to whomever has a question for Juliet.   If you have a question or even a comment on another question or Juliet's response, just enter it into the comment box.      About CONFESSIONS OF MARIE ANTOINETTE Publication Date: September 24, 2013 Ballantine Books Paperback; 464p ISBN: 0345523903 Confessions of Marie Antoinette, t