Scandalous Women Celebrates 10th anniversary

I know that I have neglected this blog shamefully of late due to my involvement in the Historical Novel Society conference and just life in general. So I completely missed that last month, Scandalous Women was 10 years old! Yes, in 2007 I sat down in front of the computer and typed my first blog post. I had no idea that the blog would eventually evolve into a book! And I have all my readers to thank for coming back month after month to read the blog and to leave comments.

So in honor of the 10th anniversary, I have teamed up with my good friend Leanna Renee Hieber of Torch and Arrow to create the Scandalous Women collection! (Psst! You can also buy copies of her fabulous Victorian Gothic fantasies on the site as well!)

I have chosen the following 5 women, all of whom I have written about here on the blog or in Scandalous Women the book, as just a few featured faces for this anniversary collection:


 (Pictured upper left): VICTORIA WOODHULL (1838 to 1927) - Suffrage leader, Spiritualist, Wall-street Stock Broker, First Woman to Run for President (1872) with Frederick Douglass (doing great things) as her running mate.
 (Upper right): ANAIS NIN (1903 to 1977) - Critic, Essayist, Memoirist and Erotica Author

(Center): IDA B. WELLS (Ida Bell Wells-Barnett, 1862 to 1931) - African-American Journalist, Newspaper editor, Suffragist, Sociologist and Civil Rights pioneer
 (Lower left): MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT (1759 to 1797) - Philosopher and author of essays, histories, novels and treatises including the vital feminist text A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mother of Mary Shelley

 (Lower right): MAE WEST (1893 to 1980) - Hollywood Icon, Sex symbol, Indomitable, Unapologetically Herself
Each pendant portrait has been carefully hand-set, detailed and hand-cast in glass-like resin on metal alloy settings with jump ring or bale. A thin black linen cord or a 17 inch chain in Brass, Gold or Pewter-style finish can be obtained at an additional price, see below in variations. As all are hand crafted, very slight variations might occur. Due to Leanna's book deadlines, quantities are limited
15% of sales will go to the Anne Frank Center.

You can find the collection here on Etsy.


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