The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie's

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most fascinating women on the planet.  During her 79 years on the planet, she was a movie star, AIDS activist, perfume magnate, married eight times (including twice to Richard Burton), and punch line (Joan Rivers, John Belushi).  She almost died several times, but like a phoenix, she continually rose from the ashes. It seemed like she was indestructible.  Even though she was forced to use a wheelchair during her last few years, she still sent swimming with the sharks!

Now the jewelry and wardrobe are being auctioned off at Christie's New York next week.  For those of you who don't live in New York & LA and weren't able to see the collection up close and personal, the Christie's website has made it easy for you to see (and bid!) on some of these fabulous items. You can check out a video here. Christie's has announced that a portion of profits from the sale of select publications, exhibition admissions and event sponsorships will be directed to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). The website also includes highlights of the collection, including some of the fabulous jewelry that Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth during their tumultous marriage.


Violet said…
Her jewells were really encahanting! Elizabeth Taylor was so glamorous, relally one of a kind.

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