Scandalous Gifts for the Holidays

Ho Ho, everyone!  For the first time, I thought I would put together a little Scandalous Women Gift guide for the holidays.  There are so many amazing gifts out there that relate to Scandalous Women.  For instance, on the left is the limited edition Veronica Franco doll from Madame Alexander.  For anyone who has seen the film Dangerous Beauty, you know that Veronica Franco was a 16th century Venetian courtesan and poet who was eventually tried for wtichcraft.  Well now you can own your very own doll! She's available on Ebay for $79.99 or at Matilda Dolls for $110.00.  She's dressed in a typical dress for the period and she's even got on the chopines, the platform shoes they used to wear.

If your Scandalous Woman prefers books, there is a wealth of both historical and non--fiction available for holiday giving.  I've already mentioned the Chanel biography by Justine Picardie as well as the 3 books on Isabella Blow.  Giles Tremlett has come out with a recent biography on Catherine of Aragon which was published this past Wednesday.  Donald Spoto has a new biography of Joan Crawford and his previous biography of Grace Kelly just came out in paperback.  There are books on Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, a new biography of Vivien Leigh, but the book I'm most looking forward too comes out at the end of the month and that is the new biography of Gypsy Rose Lee by Karen Abbott.  Historical Tapestry has a list of all the new historical fiction books coming out in December.

If you missed the sale of The Duchess of Windsor's jewelry or couldn't have afforded it anyway, The Anne Boleyn files has a stunning array of Tudor inspired jewelry to choose from.  Many of the pieces are replicas of the jewelry worn in The Tudors. The piece on the right is a replica of the necklace that Jane Seymour wore at Christmas in one episode.  As well as stunning jewelry, there are also books, and costumes that you can order for the Tudor lover in your life. If I could afford it, I would personally own every Anne Boleyn dress in the collection!

And finally there is Etsy, if you prefer handcrafted gifts.  There were so many amazing Marie Antoinette products that I couldn't decide which one to feature, everything from postcards to bedroom slippers.  And for those who like games, Kris Waldherr, the author of Doomed Queens has two decks of playing cards based on her books, you can read about them both here.

I hope my gift guide is helpful this holiday season!


dave hambidge said…
May I also recommend the DVD collection of Downton Abbey, the recent huge success on British tv drama.

As we were away from home for the last 3 episodes we opted to wait and view them all when the DVD came out. Wise choice, for once. Seeing the characters develop each night for a week enhanced the tale compared to weekly screenings. IMDb gives it 9.2/10; where did the 0.8 go?

And the good news is that series 2 starts filming in February 2011.

Finally, smashing interview this weekend with Joanne Frogatt who plays Anna The Maid, what a beauty she is;

Thanks Dave. Downton Abbey will be shown in the US in January. I also want to mention that the two Chanel films are available on DVD, as well as Pillars of the Earth which feature Queen Maud as a character, although I thought she got short shrift compared to Stephen.

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