Coming soon to Scandalous Women: Author Susan Holloway Scott

On July 2 (take note of the new date), I will be posting an interview with Susan Holloway Scott, author of The French Mistress, a new historical fiction novel about Charles II's mistress Louise de Keroualle, the Duchess of Portsmouth (ancestress of the current Duke of Richmond and Lennox). Susan is also the author of Royal Harlot (about Barbara Castlemaine) and The King's Favorite (about Nell Gwynn). Please plan on stopping by, because we will be giving away a copy of Susan's book.

Here is a brief description to whet your appetite:

The daughter of a poor nobleman, Louise leaves the French countryside for the court of King Louis XIV, where she must not only please the tastes of the jaded king, but serve as a spy for France. With few friends, many rivals, and ever-shifting loyalties, Louise learns the perils of her new role. Yet she is too ambitious to be a pawn in the intrigues of others. With the promise of riches, power, and even the love of a king, Louise creates her own destiny in a dance of intrigue between two monarchs—and two countries.


Lucy said…
I will definitelty be there! Louis's Court is one of my very favourites..and Charles II too!
Holly said…
I just got an advance reader for this title...can't wait to hear more about it, and "meet" the author through your blog!

All best, Holly
The interview has been postponed until next Thursday to be closer to the release date. Hope everyone puts it in their calendars!

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