May at Scandalous Women

This May we are celebrating women in the Arts. Women who were either the muses of famous artists (Elizabeth Siddal), patrons of the arts (Isabella Stewart Gardner), subjects of famous paintings (Virginie Guitreau, Sargent's infamous Madame X), as well as artists themselves (Romaine Brooks).

Along with guest blogger Amanda McCabe, one of the authors of the new Harlequin Historicals anthology The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor, and a review of Karen Essex's Stealing Athena.


Kirsten Steen said…
Loved Karen Essex's Stealing Athena! Can't wait to hear about all these women!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
{Tara} said…
Oh, I can't wait to read these posts!!! I wrote my Master's thesis on Romaine Brooks, so I love her and feel like I know her!!
Tara, I hope I do her justice. I find her fascinating as well as Nathalie Barney.
Anonymous said…
This should be an interesting month.
Judy said…
This sounds fun...are you going to do Janey Morris?
Judy, I have thought of doing Jane Morris as well. It depends on how much time I have to do the research, since I'm on a deadline with a book proposal.

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