Great Historical Romance Month

February means Romance with a capital R here on Scandalous Women. This month, I'll be taking a look at great historical romances that scandalized the world.

Catherine the Great and Potemkin

Emilie de Chatelet and Voltaire

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson

George Sand and Chopin

Plus Love Gone Wrong: The Butcher of Bond Street


Ninon said…
Emilie de Chatelet and Voltaire! George Sand and Chopin! I can't wait!!
Lucy said…
This sounds so good!!! Very appropriate for the Love Month;-)
Can't wait!
Thanks guys, I'm also adding one more, Solomon and Sheba, if only so that I can watch the film again with Jimmy Smits and Halle Berry!
Anonymous said…
cool.. can't wait:)

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