Scandalous Women nominated for Lady Blog Award

I just found out that Scandalous Women has been nominated for a Lady Blog Award in the Pop Culture/Entertainment Category.

Please click on the link and vote for me! You have until January 26th to vote.


Geri O'Hara said…
Congratulations on your nomination & good luck
dave hambidge said…
Job done and well deserved. Sorry the bloggies didn't share my opinion, glad this one is!
dave hambidge said…
Sorry to double post, but I forgot to say that myyahoo4 picked up this post very nicely. Perhaps its only XML?

Keira Soleore said…
Congratulations, Elizabeth. Voted. :)
Anonymous said…
Just voted. Your blog is simply marvelous! I can only hope to attain scandal status in my oh so dull life. Best of luck!
Thanks Keira, and thanks Pretty but Shallow. I hope ya'll come back for more Scandalous doings!

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