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I just found out that Scandalous Women was just given an "Excellent Blog Award" by World of Royalty and Reading the Past (7/14). Wow! Thank you so much.

The blog meme was started by the Mommy Project.

Now it is my turn to pass the award on to some blogs I find excellent. It’s hard to choose because there are so many good blogs out there, but here are 10 that I think deserve an Excellent Blog Award:


Sincerae said…
Hi Elizabeth,
I keep forgetting to thank you for including my blog in your listing of historical blogs on your sidebar. So here I go, "Thank you:)"

By the way, my friend Greek blogger Christos who is a political blogger, but who loves history included one of your older posts about Mary Tudor on his post for today:

Have a great remainder of the week!
Thanks for letting me know! Have a great remainder of the week yourself!
Heather Carroll said…
Thank you so much Elizabeth, I am truly flattered!! :)
Thank you Elizabeth! I'm grateful you considered my blog "excellent" material.
You are welcome ladies! Pay it forward.
Bearded Lady said…
tons of great finds! I especially appreciate the Edwardian site. I was just surfing looking for clothing and architecture references of this period. (Illustrating a book cover that takes place during this time)

This site is a huge help. thanks!
I'm glad that I could introduce you to some really excellent history blogs. I think that's one of the great things about the Excellent Blog award.
Anonymous said…
A blessing on your house! You are too kind! Thank you so much, Elizabeth. When I start blogging regularly again in September I'll try to live up to the award. SW is still the best!
You are welcome Sharon! I hope you have a great vacation, and I look forward to reading the blog again in September.
Megan Frampton said…
Congratulations on the recognition!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your excellent blog, and also for your list -- I'm looking forward to checking these blogs out!
Joyce Hanson said…
Hi, Elizabeth.

Love your avatar! And thanks so much for passing on the "Excellent Blog Award" to me. I feel so honored and shy all of a sudden.

I will definitely pay it forward. With your support, I feel like I'm in good bad-girl company!

Cheers, Joyce
You are welcome Joyce. Keep rocking! I look forward to reading more on the Bad Girl blog.
Eliza Knight said…
Congrats Elizabeth!!! And thank you!!!

I don't know if I've said this before, but you should put all of your posts in a book titled "Scandolous Women." I'd buy it!!!!
Thanks for the compliment! I'm working on it Eliza. Trying to put a proposal together right now!
Eliza Knight said…
Are you really? That's awesome! Keep me updated on that! :)

BTW, I nominated you right back :)
I will! This blog has been a labor of love for me from the beginning. And I would love to share these amazing women with teh world in book form.

Thanks for the nomination!
I only just got the link! I love the idea of all the Scandalous Women giving an Excellent Award to Zenobia. Thanks so much.

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