Recent Research books for Scandalous Women

I'm right in the middle of putting together my posts on Lady Hester Stanhope and Abelard and Heloise. So in the meantime, I thought I'd share some books I just received from that I'm going to be reading for future posts. I love research books and although I try to take as many as possible out of the library due to monetary constraints, sometimes it's nice to own the books that you're using.

I love this cover even more than the one on the American edition. Can't wait to plunge in and read this one. So much is known about George IV and his siblings, so it'll be interesting to see what juicy stuff Stella Tillyard has dug up on George III's siblings. She's also the author of Aristrocrats, the story of the fabolous Lennox sisters.

Ah, those Spencer women! It's clear that the late Princess of Wales was not the only Spencer woman to set the tongues awagging. Lady Harriet Spencer who married the Earl of Bessborough led a very interesting life, besides being the mother of Lady Caroline Lamb. Her sister, Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire is more well-known particularly since the publication of Amanda Foreman's biography several years ago (now being made into a movie with Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes), now it's Harriet's turn in the spotlight.

Next we have Caroline and Charlotte by the late Alison Plowden who passed away a few months ago. I was lucky enough to see an exhibit of Charlotte's clothing at the Museum of London a few years ago, so I'm eager to read about her and her mother, Caroline of Brunswick. Caroline, was the wife of the Prince Regent, who famously had her barred from the door at his coronation as King in 1820.

This is a recent biography abouty Harriette Wilson by an English writer named Frances Wilson (no relation) who has written book reviews for the Guardian newspaper. As you can see by my previous post, I'm very intrigued by Harriette. And the title, The Courtesan's Revenge, doesn't it sound like the perfect title for a mystery novel?

My final book is about a woman that I'd never heard of, but the title and the subject matter intrigued me when I was looking for books on You know how they all of a sudden pop-up after you've bought a book or looked up an author? That whole other customers who bought this book, also bought this book thing that they do? I both love and hate that feature, love it because it leads me to other interesting books, hate it because it means I end up spending more money!

I can't decide which one to read first!


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